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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Immediately following a disaster, a community’s professional response resources may be overwhelmed and unable to meet the sudden increased demand for services.  Skills learned in the CERT program enable community members to save lives and mitigate hazards until help arrives.

CERT Basic training is designed to prepare citizens to take care of themselves, their families, and their community during an emergency incident or disaster.  This training is FREE and is offerred in two distinct formats:

  • The Traditional Format contains 8 modules, completed in 24 hours (three 8-hour days), and culminates with a final disaster drill applying the skills members have learned.
  • The Hybrid Format contains 11 modules that are completed online via the CalOES CSTI portal.  Students then complete two days of skill sign-offs that culminate with the same final disaster drill as seen in the Traditional Format.

Following the initial training, community members will have the opportunity to join the Mountain House Fire CERT program as a volunteer and attend further trainings, drills, and community events.  Active CERT volunteers may also have the opportunity to deploy as a team to out-of-area disasters such as large earthquakes, fires, and floods.

CERT Basic training covers the following topics:

Disaster Preparedness

Introduction to disasters, their impact, and what preparedness actions one could take.  Emphasis on the role of CERT in these situations.

Disaster Fire Suppression

Identifying/reducing potential fire hazards; basic fire suppression strategies and techniques including how to use an extinguisher.

Disaster Medical Operations

Treatment techniques for life threatening conditions, and the principles of triage.

Patient Assessment

Patient assessment and treatment for various types of injuries.

Light Search and Rescue

SAR priorities and resources, size-up techniques (determining if a building is safe to enter), search, lifting, cribbing, and rescuer safety.

Disaster Psychology

Understanding stressors affecting a disaster service worker, and how to cope with them for yourself and others.

Terrorism Response

Understanding the terrorist, weapons they use, and what you can do to make a difference.

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Program Manager:
Captain Bill Fisk

Mountain House Fire CERT Alumni
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CERT Class 24-2
May contain: clothing, footwear, shoe, hat, person, fire station, fire truck, transportation, truck, and vehicle
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CERT Class 23-2
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CERT Class 23-1
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CERT Class 22-2
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CERT Class 22-1
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CERT Class 21-2
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CERT Class 21-1
May contain: helmet, shoe, footwear, clothing, person, fire station, vehicle, truck, fire truck, transportation, and lamp
CERT Class 20-1
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CERT Class 19-1
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