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The French Camp McKinley Fire District Training Division is charged with ensuring our firefighters are ready to respond to any emergency with professionalism and proficiency. The Division develops, implements, and maintains training programs that give personnel the tools to operate safely and effectively on emergency scenes.  The French Camp McKinley Fire District has multiple California State Fire Training certified Fire Instructors, including an SFT Master Instructor.

The Division oversees company-level training.  Personnel are held to various benchmarks during quarterly evaluations that prompt firefighters to provide the highest possible level of service to our communities.

Furthermore, the Training Division creates an annual training calendar that consists of mandatory, timely topics for each month.  For example, the months leading up to fire season are typically dedicated to preparing for wildland fires and strike team deployments and consist of trainings on offroad apparatus driving, mobile fire attack considerations, progressive hoselays, wildland fire behavior, and more.

In addition to mandatory topics, each company is responsible for a minimum of two hours of training per shift, which approximates to 20 hours per month.  These trainings are up to the crews and can range from fireground skills (ground ladders, hose pulls, pumping evolutions, etc.), to specific emergency medicine topics, to general district familiarization and preplanning.

The Training Division also develops and supervises each academy to confirm that every new hire meets the exacting standards of a French Camp Firefighter.

For inquiries regarding our Training Division, please contact:

Captain Robert Sikma